Tag For Love

Tag For Love: Walmart

Brace yourselves, people! Rob here and I’m about to through down a Tag for Love for Walmart. You heard me right, a Tag for Love for Walmart. And if this post gets past J’s editing you’ll learn why.

Walmart, my least favorite retailer (for too many reasons to list here, plus this is about love not hate) launched a new video series called “Love is in the Aisle.” The series features couples on a blind date at Walmart . I know what your thinking: “Shitty first date!” and I agree. But the Episode 2 in the series features two gay men on a blind date. Pat and Andy are super cute as they wonder the aisles discussing scented candles, roasting veggies, and body wash. They also cream over Crème Pies. Need I say more?

This episode of “Love is in the Aisles” is so adorable, it almost makes me want to shop at Walmart. Well. Almost. Maybe. At the very least it has made me think a little more openly about Walmart. Respecting the LGBTQ community has never been the retailer’s strong suit. Featuring a gay couple so prominently is a welcome step forward. The video is getting a lot of attention! LGBTQ news site Towleroad reports the spot has bigots’ panties in a great big knot! Tag for Love!

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