About the Show

Hi, we’re your hosts Rob Conlon and J. Dewey. We’re two friends from New York’s Hudson Valley who have a mutual love and appreciation for Better Homes & Gardens magazine. In this monthly podcast, we pour drinks and spill the tea about what we really think about the latest issue. It’s queer eye for the home decor magazine. If you’re the type who flips through a design magazine and thinks “where did they hide all the clutter?” then you’re in our tribe. Listen and subscribe today, because your home and your garden can always be a little bit better than your neighbors’…and your best friend’s.

What else should I know about this show?

First of all, you must know that Could Be Better is a fan-produced, 100% unofficial companion podcast to Better Homes & Gardens magazine. We are not affiliated with Better Homes & Gardens nor its publishing company, the Meredith Corporation, and they retain all copyrights to their materials. We’re just big fans who wanted a platform to talk about the magazine we love (and, sometimes, love not to love.)

Could Be Better takes a solitary activity—reading an issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine—and turns it into a fun, chatty cocktail party with our best gay friends. The show allows you to jump media from the printed magazine to an aural experience.

What if I don’t read that magazine?

That’s fine (though we question your judgment). Even if you’re not a Better Homes & Gardens reader, you can sample parts of the magazine as we turn them into animated discussions about the latest mass market home keeping trends. Or just listen to us laugh at each other’s silliness.

We also provide context on what we believe are truly trending topics, and we provide support and encouragement for you to fully embrace your unique style (trends be damned!).

Why are you so snarky?

We do poke gentle fun at the articles and features at times to further assure you that you should trust your instincts when it comes to creating your better home. Not all trends, color palettes or projects will strike a chord with everyone, and we encourage you to love what you love and comfortably ignore what you don’t. In an era of constant social media-provoked house envy, Could Be Better empowers you to take all design inspiration and advice with a grain of salt. We inject a little dose of realism into the hyper-trendy interior design conversation.

Is there a deeper meaning here?

We hope Could Be Better adds voices of “the other” to the magazine’s features, which are usually aimed at a majority market for mass appeal. We don’t have an explicit content label for nothin’! We discuss gay lifestyle issues, including some naughty sex talk, on the regular, because home design is supposed to be done for humans to actually live in the space. We also think the home/shelter industry could do a better job at representing all Americans’ lives. We create room for more minority readers (non-heterosexuals, and a wider spectrum of genders especially) to have a relationship to the American home/shelter zeitgeist.

How can I support the show?

You can make a small one-time contribution to help us keep the show going by donating on our Supporter page: https://supporter.acast.com/could-be-better Every little bit helps! We are not affiliated with the magazine or its parent company, Meredith, and receive no financial compensation for our (free) feedback and opinions.